Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer|conventions] Failing chemo, dropping by OryCon

Yesterday I failed out of chemo. Among other things, this means I'll drop by OryCon today, probably noon to three. I don't have a badge, so I'll be loitering in the public spaces of the lobby, and possibly signing stock in the dealer room if someone can get me in there.

As for the chemo, my potassium levels were pretty depleted, but my blood chemistry and immune system were otherwise on board. My oncologist's concern was that putting me through another round of infusion while my GI problems were still so very unsettled would likely land me in the hospital next week. An outcome to be avoided all around. So we've postponed to 11/18 for session nine of twelve. Which, since I had a 'skip' week coming up anyway due to Thanksgiving, doesn't change the November calender. They kept me in the center about four hours anyway, infusing me with some potassium solution and rehydrating me.

I'm still pretty unhappy about the change, because I want this over with so bad. And to add injury to insult, I spilled hot tea on myself this morning. I thought I'd given myself a first degree burn, but swift and lengthy intervention with an ice pack seems to have helped considerably.

Anyway, I may see some of you during my brief appearance at OryCon today. Otherwise laying low at home all weekend, still ill.

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