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[links] Link salad is one of the 99%

On orgasms — Roger Ebert with an interesting essay.

Tweephone — An analog Twitter client. (Snurched from Curiosity Counts.)

"Sham Paris": An Entire City’s Stunt Double

Can Project Orion Be Re-Born?Centauri Dreams on some crazy Big Science.

Mammoth mobile launch mount moves to pad today — Mmm. Spaceflight.

Researchers Create a Pituitary Gland from ScratchThe results could be an initial step toward generating viable, transplantable human organs.

A Different Kind of Secret CodeResearchers have invented a new form of secret messaging using bacteria that make glowing proteins only under certain conditions. (Via [info]corwynofamber.)

Occupy Wall St. spreads across the United States — And this without the kind of big money and big media support the Tea Party got started with. That's the difference between grassroots and astroturf.

Parsing the Data and Ideology of the We Are 99% Tumblr — (Thanks to Mr. Tact.)

Police Crackdowns on OWS Coordinated among Mayors, FBI, DHS — I don't even know what to say to this. My snark fails me.

What the Cops Did for Obama, What the Cops Did to OWS, What the People Who Sent in the Cops Get Away with Next — Conservatives with guns at a political rally? No problem, sir, enjoy your Second Amendment rights. Moderates sleeping in a park? Pepper spray time! First Amendment? What First Amendment?

Romney reaches for the absurd in quest to prove he's Republican enough — Also, this just in: sun rises in east.

?otD: What would you occupy?

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