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Jay Lake

[writing|cancer] Plowing ahead with books and chemo

Yesterday my oncologist informed me that I had lost all my nose hairs. Full nasal Brazilian, that's me. Which explains the odd booger-to-finger ratio lately, as I commented on my Twitter and Facebook feeds. And the perpetually runny nose. It's like being three years old again. I shall attempt to maintain nasal dignity at tonight's Powell's reading and signing for the release of Endurancejlake.com | LiveJournal ]. Do come if you're in the PDX area. Given that I actually slept well last night, I might even be lively!

The postponed chemo ten of twelve starts tomorrow. I passed my blood tests yesterday, and we discussed whether my ongoing head cold was of concern. So long as I don't run a fever or slide back into GI terror, they're going to plug and run me.

Meanwhile, plans are stirring for the spring. I expect to have the first volume of Sunspin, Calamity of So Long a Life, revised and back to my agent by the beginning of March so it can finally go to market. I have a few travel itineraries coming together. Look for me at RadCon, unless I'm feeling desperately broke in February, with other appearances to be announced.

I don't have my writing brain or my normal life back yet, but I can see them from here. Tonight's reading and signing will be a nice reminder.

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