Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer|personal] Neither wit nor erudition

Neither wit nor erudition seem to abound today in my personal world. I'm off for my Neulasta shot in a few hours, and that's about it for my big plans for the day. Chemo went okay without any irritating side effects so far. The big question is whether last cycle's lower GI eruptions will resume. Only time will tell, and I hope like crazy the answer is "no".

Being stuck in the house without transportation is beginning to really irk. I've cheated with a couple of early morning store runs, a mile or so with little traffic on familiar roads, and even that is exhausting. Still I managed to be part of the Niece's birthday party yesterday after coming off the pump.

Edging closer to the end. Two more to go. I just need to stay healthy enough to avoid another postponement.

Tags: cancer, family, health, personal

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