Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|cancer] Driving my way toward radicalism

Last night I dreamt that a former boss (and still good friend) of mine wanted to hire me for an unusual project. She said I wasn't radical enough, and she asked me in my dream to drive a Mercedes-Benz from Jerusalem to Beijing.

The dream wasn't about the road trip itself, though in real life I'd take that on in a heartbeat, but rather about all the preparation. Which borders could or should I cross? How to outfit the vehicle? Do I have friends in the Middle East or Central Asia I could call upon for help?

It was fascinating, how into the project I was, and a bit melancholy to know even within the dream that it was only a dream.

And so goes cancer. A journey that keeps changing, where I look for borders and boundaries and friends and wonder who to call for help. Likewise, I suspect this is the Antarctica project lurching into view from somewhere deep within me. Still, I'd drive that car from here to there, and take ten thousand photos on the way.

Wouldn't you?
Tags: cancer, cars, dreams, health, personal

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