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[personal] Spinning suns and the travails of LiveJournal

Last night I went to bed quite early, in an attempt to manage my sleep hours properly and be able to get up in time to go to work this morning. (I succeeded.) While in the drifting state of hypnagogic semisomnolence that often characterizes my sleep these days, my missing-in-action right brain sent me another postcard. This one had to do with the mechanics of a Kardashev Type II civilization going wandering and taking its solar system with it. I don't normally write SF that's quite that Big Iron — my imagination seems to want to focus more tightly, even though one of the things I really admire about writers like Greg Bear and Iain M. Banks is the audacious scale of their imaginings. Right brain failed to provide plot or character, but that's never stopped me before. This will turn into a short piece next year, I'm guessing novelette or novella. At the moment it's sort of a mental Post-It note.

Speaking of stars, some minor good news on Sunspin came yesterday which I'll share in due time. Also look for a new Sunspin novella soon from Subterranean Online.

Anent LiveJournal, at this point the only reason I haven't abandoned it is that I have a healthy blog commentor community there. This morning it is again acting very strange, largely unavailable for service. This is beyond inconvenient for me, as I don't blog during working hours, so while I may compose posts in the afternoon or evening, on weekdays I always post them prior to 6 am Pacific when my Day Job office hours commence. So if LiveJournal is being weird first thing in the morning, it screws up my narrow window of opportunity to get the posts up. This after LJ's recent 'upgrade' broke my WordPress cross-poster again. I know at least some of LiveJournal's problems are due to DoS attacks from elements supporting the Russian government's campaigns against their own dissidents, but fundamentally, for me LiveJournal is a time-dependent service that is not reliable either in terms of time or service. Should I be standing up against cyberbullying by an oppressive regime? Certainly. But I still need to blog before 6 am. And I'm reluctant to abandon that active portion of my readership.

No conclusions here. Just thoughts.

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