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Jay Lake
Date: 2011-11-29 05:22
Subject: [sale] "A Long Walk Home" to YBSF29
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I am pleased to say that Sunspin novelette, "A Long Walk Home", has been accepted by the inestimable Gardner Dozois for reprint in Year's Best Science Fiction 29. For those of you wondering where this piece fits with the novels-in-progress, it's deep backstory, about the Mistake. So while it doesn't directly inflect the plot, "A Long Walk Home" definitely carries some of the world-building and future history.

I'm particularly pleased about this because it means Sunspin continues to receive favorable attention in the field. That hopefully will help drive the future reach and success of the novels.

If you'd like to read it now, the original appearance of the novelette at Subterranean Online is here. I also note with some pride and optimism that Subterranean Online will soon be running a Sunspin novella, "The Weight of History, the Lightness of the Future", which is in a sense chapter zero of the novels, and takes place immediately prior to the opening of the story in book one, Calamity of So Long a Life.

Further, I will make the observation that this novelette is probably my best candidate for Hugo or Nebula award consideration in the forthcoming award year. So if you're an eligible voter, please consider having a look at the above link.

See also my Facebook thread of yesterday for a number of comments on the sale.

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Kari Sperring
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Yay! Congratulations.
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