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[personal] Dreaming the weird

Last night's dreaming was strange, even by my standards. I'm not sure I can reconstruct it coherently now, but it involved 1960's French automobiles, geological processes, some kind of LARPing so real it was mandatory, self-reconfiguring architecture, and uncomfortable parental musings on [info]the_child's future dating and sex life. Oh, and there was screaming. A montage, in other words, Miami Vice video editing by way of the landfill that is my subconscious.

Speaking of [info]the_child, she is cogitating her high school choices right now with a varying mixture of astonishing maturity and predictable teen drama. This has led to various conversations about process, ambition, careers, and her particular learning challenges. Just lately I've really been wishing she'd come with a user's manual. Or maybe a 1-800-HELPKID hotline.

On the topics of whinge this week, the heater has gotten more expensive. I'm very grumpy about the cash outlay, which will leave me broke for a while. Nonetheless, I elected the pricier higher efficiency option, as that will save money over time, and triggers some offsetting tax credits that mostly make up for the extra cost. Except the cost is now and the tax credits are later. To the good, I think I'm getting a cool Internet-linked thermostat out of the deal.

Likewise the still-missing MacBook Air. The original shipment has never turned up, but according to the FedEx tracking site, the replacement managed to make it to Portland overnight. Hopefully that means delivery (and more to the point, receipt by me) today. We shall see. Given the whole heater debacle, I debated returning the computer and recapturing the funds, but I think I'm going to sit tight.

This weekend is the new Muppet movie with [info]mlerules, early Christmas with my family, and a bunch of the usual low-key sitting around. I am supposed to have brekkies this morning with [info]kenscholes and Mrs. [info]kenscholes, but they have not yet confirmed.

And, well, the big deal... a week from today is my last chemo. I am looking toward that with steely-eyed determination and great reservoir of potential relief for it to be done.

What's up in your world?

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