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[links] Link salad for a frozen Sunday

A reader reacts to Mainspring — Really, really not with the liking. At some length.

Everyone Speaks Text Message — Technology and 'heritage languages'. (Via my Dad.)

The dos and don'ts of Googling people

NASA: Earth's Prehistoric Record Warns of Nearing Rapid Climate Change — Yeah, except that since the Earth is 6,000 years old, this can't possibly be true. Take that, reality!

Study: Greenland faces land crisis as global warming heats up

Searching for Meteorites in Antarctica — A cool APOD photo. I can't wait for my brain to come back online post-chemo so I can work on my own Antarctica project.

You Press the Button. Kodak Used to Do the Rest.Kodak saw the shift from analog to digital photography coming. Here's why it couldn't win. Young Sidney Kodak will never come to be, I'm afraid, Mr. Bester.

Evolution: The Natural History of Animal Skeletons, Stripped DownWhat a flamingo, a capybara, and a guinea pig have to do with the beginnings of recorded time. Offer not valid for the willfully ignorant. (Via Curiosity Counts.)

Won the battle and lost the war? How about lost the battle and won the war?[info]elusivem on the normalization of being gay.

Imaginary Farm Dust Regulation Banned By House — Ah, conservative "reality". Where the sky is occasionally blue, even.

There Will Be No Spoilers in 2012 — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on the GOP ticket. If conservatives were not motivated enough to rebel against the GOP in 2008 at the tail end of one of the most disastrous Republican administrations of the last eighty years, they are hardly going to start casting protest votes in large numbers when there is an opportunity to defeat a Democratic incumbent. In a rational world, after the miserable failure that was the Bush administration, the GOP shouldn't be able to elect a dog catcher. Their incompetence at governance has solid, very expensive proof.

Mitch McConnell flunks CollegeSo what is Mitch McConnell on about? Does he not know his Constitution? Is he merely pandering to the crowd he was addressing? Hello? He's a Republican. Both of those things are true pretty much by definition in the GOP these days. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

?otd: Billy or ice cream?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo fatigue)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 11.0 (badly interrupted plus napping)
Weight: 207.8
Currently (re)reading: Diplomatic Immunity by Lois McMaster Bujold

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