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[personal] More dreams, meaning what exactly?

@scalzi has been infesting my dreams lately, but last night was a doozy. In my sleep I was at the Scalzi Fortress of Solitude in Bradford, Ohio (a place I've never been in real life), which in my dreamscape looked like part of Coruscant under urban renewal. John had taken his role as president of SFWA seriously, and installed a large dining hall, an automobile service center and a publishing house, among other things. I couldn't walk through the place without practically being assaulted by do-gooders working for him, trying to make my life as a writer and a human being somehow better.

I'm sure this is a metaphor for his yeoperson's service as president of SFWA, not to mention his general nice-guyness, but mostly in my dreams it was overwhelming. Especially the mile-high Scalzi Tower that was under construction. I was amused as heck, and I surely hope John is too.

Family Christmas was yesterday, and my big present o' presents was a quilt stitched by my (step)mother which featured all my book covers to date. Which as I write this I realize is much cooler than I just made it sound. Apparently production of this thing involved most of the adult members of my family, what with cover scanning, fabric printing and so on. At some point I'll try to get pictures, though I doubt they'll do it justice. [info]the_child and the Niece scored big, as is right and proper for kids at Christmas, and I mostly sat around in an exhausted heap.

Workie bits this week through Thursday, and an unusual field trip for [info]the_child's class Thursday that I arranged and may go on. Otherwise I'm resting and keying up for Friday's final chemo session. Also having the new heater installed tomorrow, which will hopefully not be a signal experience.

And that's the news from Lake Jaybegone.

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