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[links] Link salad is logy

Conversations About Bigotry, Literature, and the World Fantasy Award

Novels and Short Stories…[info]kenscholes with more on this topic.

I'll be Holmes for Christmas, or Sherlock Holmes and the case of the missing holiday

The iPhone's Many NarrativesA thousand pictures are worth how many words?

Inexplicable Particle: Why Even I'm a Higgs Bozo

Autism hidden in plain sightAs more children are diagnosed with autism, researchers are trying to find unrecognized cases of the disorder in adults. The search for the missing millions is just beginning.

Illinois Sheriff: 5 Were Killed in Murder-Suicide and Couple Found Dead in Massachusetts Mansion Died From Gunshot Wounds — More proud American citizens using their Second Amendment rights in defense of their essential liberties. If you're gun owner, how many deaths is your gun worth to you? For me, your gun rights don't trump a single death.

Ancient Rome's 99%

Newt Gingrich: 15 Things You Don’t Know About Him — I find Gringrich's currently popularity with the GOP base inexplicable. He's a serial adulator, the consummate Washington insider, a history professor and therefore one of the despised elites, and a Catholic, religion many evangelicals don't even consider to be Christian. Beloved by the same people who despite elite professor and political insider Barack Obama, a man who's still married to his first wife without a hint of scandal.

?otd: Have you ever eaten kimchi?

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