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[cancer] Chemo 12 of 12, day 3


Well, yesterday the pump came off for the last time in this chemo series. I am done with it for now. Chances are better than even that there's a pump in my future again, but for now I'll take the gradual return to normalcy.

I've got two or three weeks of side effects to look forward to, probably including an almost continuous run of severe lower GI disruption, if recent experience is any guide. By early January I'll be in my climb-out though. At that point, the overriding issue for a while will probably be continuing fatigue. It's not clear to me how long that will take place, but prior experience suggests months on the mend.

And of course, the next checkpoint is the forthcoming CT scan on February 15th. Last time I went about nine months between the completion of chemo and the detection of the next metastasis. It would be nice to have 2012 to work on Sunspin and enjoy my personal life.

Whatever happens, I'll take each day as it comes. For now, I am on the road to healthy.


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