Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] I'm going to ConFusion

Thanks to the good offices and extreme generosity of anonymous persons with discriminating tastes, I will be a surprise (to me) guest at Epic ConFusion in January.

This will be my first post-chemotherapy convention appearance, so I'll be running a bit low and slow. Still, I'll be there from Thursday evening til Sunday midday, and am really looking forward to experiencing the hospitality of a whole new-to-me community. I'll be on programming, and make myself available in the bar and at parties to the degree my post-chemo energy permits, so if you're a Midwestern/East Coast reader or writer who wants to connect, please, seek me out. It's what I'll be there for. To see you.

Note that I went to ReaderCon last year in part to start meeting more fans and writers who are not West Coast based, in order to know the SF/F community better. When the generous offer to bring me to ConFusion to meet some Midwest fandom and writerdom was tendered, I could hardly say no.

And thank you to those of you for whom thanks is due.

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