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[movies] Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Yesterday, H— came over and took me to the movies to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocolimdb ]. Honestly, I'd given up on the MI reboot after the first one, due to some of what [info]scalzi calls "flying snowmen". Specifically, the helicopter flying into the Chunnel near the end of the first movie pegged my "no effing way" meter so far into the red that I didn't bother to go see any of the sequels.

What drew me to Ghost Protocol was a desire to see the Burj Dubai stunts on the big screen. Really, that was about it. Somewhat to my surprise, I was actually quite entertained by the whole movie. Including the Burj Dubai stunts, though they triggered my age-related vertigo hard. If I'd been watching this movie in 3D instead of hi-def digital (which is sort of IMAX-lite), I think I'd have thrown up. That's a compliment, by the way.

You don't ask many plot questions of a movie like this, because the answers never hold up on sober consideration, but I did finish the movie in a state of serious puzzlement over one in-story issue. (Mild spoiler alert.) How did they get from a railroad car in Moscow to the Dubai desert, with all their gear, given that the entire Russian state security apparatus was hunting the MI team, and their own IMF support was completely flatlined? The script doesn't even pretend to address this question, just cuts us from one scene to the next with no resolution. (Not to mention which everyone involved in the Dubai business started out in either Budapest or Moscow — they could have met up in Warsaw and saved themselves a lot of hassle.)

If you like action/caper/thriller movies, this was a lot of fun. There were some snowmen in the movie for me, but they never quite took off flying. And pay no attention to the stupidly egregious product placement from Apple and BMW. Turn off your brain, turn on the popcorn bucket, and watch the pretty people do dangerous things.

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