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Jay Lake

[personal|cancer] Another night, another dream

Dreamt last night that I was newly recruited to some spy agency (unspecified in my dream) and was being sent to go undercover for six weeks in a rural Turkish hospital. This despite me not speaking a word of Turkish. Shanna Germain was my spymistress, giving me the assignment and travel details. [info]scarlettina was the doctor responsible for inducing sufficient symptoms of illness in me to get admitted to the hospital in question.

I don't find this one real hard to pick apart, and if it wasn't so amusing (to me, at least), it would be rather creepy. Well, I suppose the dream is creepy regardless of whether I find it amusing. It's not hard to see my anxieties about cancer and my medical experiences in this. And notion of being sent back to the hospital with no way to communicate, for a long period of time. Not unlike being in surgical recovery, for example. Luckily, both Shanna and [info]scarlettina are dear friends in real life, and I don't have to actually worry about them being medical malefactors or otherwise bedeviling my existence.

In other news, my writing mind seems to be waking up. I hope to be back on fiction next week, writing a requested novelette before diving back into Sunspin. If it doesn't happen right away, I'm okay with that, but the ice is definitely breaking. This will be me, restored to my identity.

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