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[links] Link salad sits at the bar and puts bread in your jar

The Darth Vader Burger is Here — (Via my brother.)

Airline pilot startled by flying shark — Life imitates, uh... I got nothing. (Via David Goldman.)

The Apollo 11 lunar landing, told through data.

The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You’ll Ever SeeMade by one guy in Oregon.

Center produces chimeric monkeys — That's a hell of a headline. Interesting story, too.

Indonesia's underwater masters of disguiseMeet the fish that mimics the octopus that mimics scary sea creatures.

Google Earth's Lessons in Wave MechanicsA close look at Google's virtual globe reveals almost unlimited examples of the way waves behave.

X-37B spaceplane 'spying on China'America's classified X-37B spaceplane is probably spying on China, according to a report in Spaceflight magazine.

Extinctions from Climate Change Underestimated — Hmm. Actual hypotheses from actual data. I'd better tune into Rush Limbaugh to clear my head of these pesky facts.

L.A.-area bishop, father of two, resigns

I Was Shitting You People - A Message From Ayn Rand — Ah, satire. (Via [info]danjite.)

Gay couple win suit over names on birth certificate

The Irrelevance of the Broccoli Argument against the Insurance Mandate

Magna Carta and Wingnut Legislation — I can understand, if not agree with, the conservative impulse to require all legislation to state its Constitutional basis. (I disagree simply because there are far too many issues in modern government and society which are not explicitly, or even implicitly, contemplated in the Constitution. Like many beloved conservative talking points, it's a simple-minded attempt to solve a complex problem that doesn't really exist.) But the Magna Carta. Really, guys? Is there a "nuttiest GOP politician" contest going on?

Here’s What Romney’s Unreleased Tax Returns Almost Certainly Hide — Every major presidential candidate for decades has released their tax returns routinely. Not Romney. Nothing to see here, citizen. Move along.

Santorum Becomes Millionaire in Six Years After U.S. Senate LossFormer Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum describes himself on the campaign trail as a frugal man of faith and limited means. Right, Senator Frothy Mix. Limited means. And Mitt Romney is unemployed, while Newt Gingrich is middle class. What kind of idiot do you have to be to believe this crap? (I know, the question answers itself.) Not that I object to wealth in politicians or anyone else. I do object to blatantly false claims.

Rick Santorum claims same sex marriage is comparable to polygamy — Santorum is a fool and a moral leper. The more I learn about this man, the more I despise him. And mind you, this in a race where Newt is running.

Rick Santorum's Google problem remains — As well it should, given his despicable comments on the gay community. I for one am happy to continue to support "Santorum" search results defined as "The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex". It's the least he deserves. See also spreadingsantorum.com.

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