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[personal|child] Watching the Child hit the boards

Yesterday afternoon I pushed my personal envelope quite a bit and drove across town to watch [info]the_child's first basketball game of the season. Actually it was the second, but the opponents for game one forfeited over a paperwork issue, so they didn't play this past Monday.

Though the final score was a 45-30 victory for her team, the game was a lot more contested than that, with the lead passing back and forth through the first three quarters. The Waldorf Wolf Pack ran away with it in the fourth quarter, which [info]the_child later said to me was how it was supposed to work. She made a number of shots, including a terrific 3-pointer, and had a great game.

The envelope-pushing part for me was driving home afterwards. It's the first time in months I've driven in the dark, and I really hadn't planned to do that this week. (I'm going to miss next week's games due to being in Omaha, and one of the two games the following week due to going to ConFusion, so I really didn't want to miss this one.) I got home a little before six, exhausted and strung out, and went straight to bed, there to read for a while. I managed to stay up until [info]the_child came home a bit after seven, as she'd stayed for the boys' game. We talked a little and I congratulated her on her game.

This is that real life stuff that I'm getting back, honestly a bit more rapidly than I'd expected to. My path back to feeling good about myself and life is being able to live it like I used to. Including middle school girls' basketball games, dinner dates, trips to the grocery store. Even doing my own laundry. Of such milestones is recovery made.

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