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[links] Link salad takes to the skies once more

World building 301: some projections — Charlie Stross on what the world looks like in 2032 and in 2092.

Emi Koussi and Aorounga, ChadTwo neighboring craters in Africa had very different origins.

NASA Rover Takes 'Winter Vacation' to Power Solar Panel — I know how it feels.

Understanding Religious Trauma Syndrome: Trauma from Leaving Religion

The 2011 Climate B.S.* of the Year Awards

Clean Elections — Doing things differently, and sensibly, in Connecticut. Note that one factor is that the reforms were introduced by Democrats, who aren't answerable to a batshit antiscience/antireality agenda.

The Grating SantorumIn a campaign where W. is an unmentionable, Santorum is an unexpected revival of Bushian uncompassionate conservatism.

A Campaign Pruned of Bushes[T]hey simply eliminate 43 from the narrative, a bit of creative editing that helps them pin the mind-boggling level of federal debt overwhelmingly on Obama. Eight years of Bush, six years of the Permanent Majority, taking the country from (relative) peace, economic prosperity and budget surplus to trillion dollars wars, economic disaster and crippling deficits. Yeah, no wonder conservatives hate Obama. Voluntary amnesia makes that very convenient.

?otd: Been to Omaha lately?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo fatigue)
Body movement: Airport walking to come
Hours slept: 7.0 (fitful)
Weight: 215.8
Currently (re)reading: Moreta of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

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