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[personal|writing] In which both progress and regress are made

Yesterday's weather here in Omaha was beastly. The kind of weather that makes me wonder why anyone not under the supervision of a court actually remains in this place. In fact, this morning, when faced with 10 degrees, wind and ice patches on sidewalks in the predawn darkness, I gave myself a very rare bye on my morning exercise.

Day Jobbery yesterday was productive if lengthy. At home, if I get tired (and fatigue is still very much an issue), I can go sit in my easy chair for 15 minutes and read work email from there. No such option in the office, where you're pretty much full on the entire time you're in. It's the little things that are wearing. Still, I'm holding up and doing well.

On the home front, [info]the_child did another high school visit yesterday. We are coming to grips with her choices for next year. And though some subjects are definitely harder than others for her, she remains diligent in her assignments, while playing hell for leather on the girls' basketball squad. She makes me proud every day.

In my own world of assignments, I got another writing session in after work. 2,400 word in an hour on "You Will Attend Until Beauty Awakens". Plus the plot sort of did this origami lurch and I now see what my subconscious was foreshadowing the other day. Fred, the little man inside my head, is way smarter than me. I'm sure glad he's in there. Doubtful there will be writing today due to my work and social commitments, but there will be more tomorrow.

And a little bit of WIP…

“We will forge our outcome,” she said, turning back to the tank. “The fluid is almost steeped enough to host she who will be my daughter.”

“You cannot,” he almost squeaked. “Only a child of your body can inherit the throne.”

“So far as the world knows,” the queen replied calmly, “she will be the child of my body.”

“What does his highness say to this plan?”

This time her voice was sad, distant, echoing from an exile’s distance. “So far as Grimm knows, she will be a child of my body.”

“My queen,” Father Brassbound said slowly. “I serve you in all things so long as I do not betray the church and my faith in God to do so. I… If need be, I, I can stand beside you and bear false witness to the court in this matter. But I cannot... cannot betray the king.”

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