Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Home, doing stuff

Flew home yesterday. Got 2,500 words written in the process, along with some napping. Spent some quality time with [info]the_child in the afternoon, then she went off to a school dance and I went to [info]thirdworld's housewarming/birthday party. Thanks to chemo and its discontents, I'm pretty sure that's the first party I've been to since my birthday party last June.

This weekend I want to finish, or at least make serious progress, on the current short story project. I'm aiming for 10-12,000 words. Also, planning to spend a bunch of time helping [info]the_child with math homework and a paper she's doing for her eighth grade project. I did have a dinner date tonight, but my friend has come down with the flu, so we have postponed.

That's about it. Writing, parenting and relaxing this weekend. What's a weekend for, anyway?
Tags: cancer, child, health, personal, stories, writing

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