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[writing|cancer] The horse continues

Yesterday I finished "You Will Attend Until Beauty Awakens" at 13,300 words, by writing a final 4,400 words. It's the first piece of fiction I've written since chemotherapy put my right brain into vapor lock this past October.

You can imagine my profound relief. It doesn't really matter if this story is good or not — well of course it does, of course, but not in this context. It matters that I wrote and finished it. I started last Monday, and seven days later on Sunday I was done. With two days off along the way.

I produced it, start to finish, at a respectable rate of output, and I like it.

This is me, back on the horse, and the horse continues.

The manuscript is out to first readers now. I'll have to find some time to revise sometime in the next few weeks. But tomorrow, or possibly Tuesday, I'm on to Sunspin revisions. (As it happens, [info]the_child has a basketball game tomorrow, which is why I may have to wait til Tuesday to get going.)

This is who I am. A writer, writing. Damn, am I glad to be back.

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