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[conventions|personal] At Epic Confusion

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I got up stupid early, cabbed it to the airport, got checked in and settled and eventually on my plane. The flights were easy and uneventful, and I managed both some fairly serious napping and 2.5 hours of revision work on Sunspin, as well as some pleasure reading. I've got Charlie Stross' The Atrocity Archives on the iPad, and Christopher Moore's The Stupidest Angel in dead tree edition for those times when the iPad isn't practical (or, on the airlines, allowed).

The lovely and talented [info]cathshaffer was kind enough to meet me at DTW, and drive me to the con hotel. We made it just in time for the GoH dinner, where we sat with some of the entertaining and interesting folks who run Confusion.

Afterwards I hung out in the bar for several ours with Joe Abercrombie, Peter Brett, Myke Cole, Jim C. Hines, Yanni Kuznia, Patrick Rothfuss and and Brent Weeks. They were rolling up first edition AD&D characters for an author's game today, I was kibitzing. (As it happens, I may wind up sitting in on the game this afternoon, as Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch may not arrive in time to take up their arms and do battle.) That was a pretty hilarious evening, and gave many high school flashbacks. Plus Doselle Young bought us all pizza around 11 pm. Here is a Peter V. Brett photo of us.

I have also taken advantage of the fact that I'm three time zones away from home to allow myself some natural time shifting. Staying up til midnight isn't so draining when your body still thinks it's 9 pm.

This morning I'll be working on Sunspin some more, then down to the convention to get my reg sorted out. The author's D&D game is at 2 pm, so I'll be there, then I have a panel at 7 pm this evening. It's a good day.

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