Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] Epic ConFusion Day One

Yesterday was a lot of a fun, and a bit blurry. I slept fairly late, but still managed to work out and get some writing in before descending into the maw of the convention. Hung about with a number of folks in the bar, splitting a light lunch with Cat Rambo, then went off to the authors' AD&D game (a/k/a NerdFest 2012) where I sat in for Scott Lynch for a couple of hours until he and Elizabeth Bear made it in. (My personal high point was casting a Hypnotize spell on a rampaging ogre and ordering him to vomit, which disrupted his attack.)

That was followed by dinner in the bar, where someone, and I have no idea who, picked up my bill from afar. Thank you, unknown benefactor. I then went off to my panel on Gender, Race and Class, which I wound up moderating. It went unusually well for such difficult topics. The rest of the evening I spent in the bar floating amongst Doselle Young, Saladin Ahmed, John Scalzi and various others. As a result, I may be writing a short story called "The Transubstantiation of Chocolate" featuring a conquistador named Juan de Scalzo and an Aztec demon name Chocolatl. Such are the perils of conventiongoing.

I have a reading this morning, a panel this afternoon on trilogies, and a signing this evening. Otherwise I shall be in the bar today, which is very congenial here. My schedule being what it is, I suspect I'm going to have to take a bye on writing for the day, but I'll make up for it tomorrow whilst traveling home.

Have fun, be well, and see some, all or none of you here at Epic Confusion.

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