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[conventions|personal] The SFWA Portland Reading Series, other miscellany

[info]the_child and I attended the SFWA Portland Reading Series last night. Mary Robinette Kowal introduced, John Pitts hosted and read, while Ken Scholes and David D. Levine rounded out the bill. It was a lot of fun, and we heard some great fiction.

I also had a lot of fun watching [info]the_child work the room, both at the pre-dinner and during the pre-show and intermission breaks at the reading. She was cruising around being friendly and articulate both to old friends and to new folks she'd never met before. Whatever life has in store for her, this girl's ease with people will be a big part of it.

Due to the various time commitments yesterday, I barely squeaked in an hour of Sunspin revision. Still, I am drawing close to being done with these — perhaps another week of effort, I'm not certain. I'm beating the bushes for another few first readers, because I'd like one more reality check before submitting this to la agente for send-out.

Today I'll be fairly busy, and most of the weekend will be taken up with supervising [info]the_child's labors on her eighth grade project, about which more anon when the time is right.

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