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[personal] Wetware compass and clock

Yesterday I posted about dreaming I was lost, and how I have an excellent sense of direction in real life. I'm also a very good navigator, as has been proven on night land nav exercises, as well as road trips through places like central Mexico. Last night it came up in conversation that I also have an excellent time sense. Even in the absence of a clock I almost always know what time it is, to within 5-10 minutes, and my sense of elapsed time is also finely honed. This latter is a useful skill during business presentations and so forth.

These two senses combine to make me very sure of my place in the world, in a literal sense. I also suspect they help me very sure of my place in the world in a figurative sense. One of the many side effects of chemo was for a time wiping out both my sense of place and my sense of time. That's an extremely disorienting experience, given that I've spent my entire life relying on those aspects of awareness.

As mentioned above, I wonder if being so anchored is part of why I am usually so good at remaining centered and self-confident. As has been observed on a number of occasions, I am a nigh pathological extrovert. Extroversion is privileged in our culture in some important ways. Do I project so well into the world because I am always so certain of where I stand within it?

Do you have a good sense of time and place? Does that affect your mood, your ability to project to other people?

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