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Profile ScanpathThis eyetracking scanpath of a bust of Nefertiti by Alfred Yarbus 50 years ago shows how one person's gaze surveyed this face in profile. This squib from art guru James Gurney is pretty cool.

Roger Boisjoly, who tried to stop the space shuttle Challenger launch, has died

New research could lead to hovering airplanes for the military

Does God exist?The case for reconciling the scientific with the divine -- and against the anti-religion of Richard Dawkins. Hmm. Simple question. Does God exist? For values of "exist" which include any form of objective proof outside of an a priori faith structure? No.

The Battle Behind the FightIt’s not really about birth control. Which is a funny thing to say about conservatives, because while they oppose birth control, the forced pregnancy movement is all about controlling births.

Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects while Obsessing about Birth ControlIn the end, of course, civil law must uphold equitable treatment of all women, and a satisfactory compromise may not be possible. We will be the better for having the debate, and attempting to find a modus vivendi. What isn’t helpful is to have loud-mouthed hypocrites who reject all the humane principles for which the Catholic Church stands getting on a high horse about a third-order teaching such as artificial birth control (on which the position of the church has changed over time, and may change again).

Severely XLanguage Log on Mitt Romney's comment on being "severely conservative." Heh.

From the go, roller-coaster GOP White House race

?otd: What city did you wake up in this morning?

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