Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] The perils of photoblogging early in the morning

So yesterday I unintentionally posted a nude picture of myself on my blog. My apologies to anyone who suffered optical damage or a severely lessened libido.

More to the point, I posted said photo, didn't realize it, and left it up for several hours, until a couple of blog commenters politely asked me what I was doing. More seriously, my profound apologies for such offense or distress as I may have caused.

It was quite early in the morning, and I was messing around in the hotel room's bathroom, as one does, when I realized how strange the mirror really was. I didn't bother to go get dressed before taking the picture, merely stepped to one side and leaned over to keep myself out of the frame. Unfortunately, I didn't tilt the camera on my iPhone far enough, and caught my entire reflection.

The reason I didn't notice this is that the picture was taken in low light, and the image of me in the mirror frame was very dim. Then, when I was composing the blog post, I had the brightness on the MacBook Air set at minimum, and again the picture was dim. Beyond that, I can only plead idiocy and early morning brain fog.

At one level, this doesn't matter to me. In point of fact, I've long since lost all my body modesty, thanks to the innumerable indignities inflicted on me by medical science. However, I have never had any intention of posting obscene or lewd material on this blog. My private behavior, such as it is, is just that. The blog is not a private space. So while my personal dignity is not at issue, general decency and respect for my readers is.

Such are the perils of photoblogging early in the morning. No more photos unless I'm fully dressed, I promise.

(Honestly, I can't decide if this is funny or stupid or both.)

Tags: funny, personal, photos, tech
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