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[process] The virtues of writing regularly

Yesterday I was having an email conversation with [info]mlerules about structure, goal setting and accomplishment in one's daily life. It occurred to me, literally for the first time, that writing is what provides me with this framework.

And such a framework it is.

As it happens, I believe that everybody benefits from having purpose in their lives. Many of us get this through work, or if we have them, raising children. But I think we also need some purpose that simply rises from within ourselves. Essentially, that's what hobbies are. Mother of the Child gardens extensively, and produces visual and fabric art on an ongoing basis. My dad researches genealogy and family history. People do everything from build hot rods to volunteer at soup kitchens.

In all those cases, we're doing something for its own reward. And writing can very much be that way. I certainly get my cookies from finishing a story, or making a sale, or getting a positive reader reaction. That's not fundamentally why I write, but it's certainly part of that structure/goal/accomplishment cycle.

Over the past decade, I've managed to rewire almost my entire personal life around my writing. It's even infiltrated my parenting and my Day Jobbery to a degree. What I see now, in this discussion with [info]mlerules, is that writing has become a key component of my life satisfaction, my happiness, and even my day to day mental and emotional health.

It's kind of a nice thing to open my eyes and notice.

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