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[cancer] Update from the oncologists on the new liver lesion

Yesterday I saw both my medical oncologist and my surgical oncologist/liver specialist. They were fairly positive about my current situation. The general takeaway is that this new lesion in my liver is a very small spot. Neither of them is especially concerned right now, unless we see growth at the next scan.

My surgical oncologist opined that if it does turn out to be a tumor, it may be a leftover second site from my last round of liver metastasis. Their thinking is that if we do have to treat, we may do surgery (or radiofrequency ablation) without chemo. That's certainly not the prescription at this point, but it's a direction.

Whatever this is, even worst case it's not a mortality event, just another step on the road.

My follow up is in mid-April, with a CT scan and bloodwork followed by consultations with both oncologists again.

Objectively, this is encouraging. Both doctors emphasized the low CEAs as a good data point. I am not so sanguine about this, given my historically idiosyncratic CEA levels. They were apparently quite sincere in their positive outlooks.

Subjectively, I continue discouraged, though the idea that if need be we may be able to treat without another round of chemo at this point is a bright spot.

On the emotional front, this is still pretty daunting. I can't shake the feeling I'm dealing with a relentless foe. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to sit down and really process this one emotionally — the expected meltdown still has not taken place. We shall see. For now, I get two more months to live my life.

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