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[links] Link salad takes to the skies once more

[info]delkytlar reacts to Pinion

The Genius of Pinterest's Copyright Dodge

How Waiters Secretly Predict Your Every Need

Windows on the iPad, and Speedy — Hmmm… (Via my Dad.)

The Handley Page H.P.39 Gugnunc, Cierva C.19 Mark III autogyro, and Westland-Hill Pterodactyl IV - at the Royal Air Force Display, Hendon, 1931 — This is quite a photo. Pterodactyl?

Remix footage of the world’s first helicopters using samples from the British Pathe archives

Buckyball Solids Found in Space — Cool!

'Nomad' planets may outnumber stars in Milky WayMany of those homeless planets could be heated by internal radioactivity, and if any possess thick atmospheres, they might even harbor some kind of microbial life.

Never mind the polls—we're convinced our candidate is going to win — People tend to think their opinion is a majority view, even if they're total extremist whackaloons. Remember the Montana Freedmen, who were convinced the entire nation would rise up in support of them when the FBI came to their compound?

Maryland gay marriage bill on way to governor — Another setback for the religious bigots.

President Obama as an alienWe know it’s wrong to judge people by their race or lineage. Unless we're Republicans, of course, trolling for votes from white bigots.

The Man Who Wasn't ThereIt is now an article of faith among the Republican base that Bush's failures stem not from the fact that he was a manifest incompetent, but that he was too liberal a president. Yep. And further proof that Republicans are delusional.

?otd: Fly much?

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