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[links] Link salad puts some Spike Jones on the box

My dear friend and fellow writer Mark Bourne has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly — My deepest condolences to Elizabeth and all his family and friends.

A reader reacts to Westward Weird — They liked my story.

Street Dates and Sales Velocity — Andrew Wheeler on Seanan McGuire and some fairly deep (and interesting) publishing neepery.

Insane art formed by carving books with surgical tools — (Thanks to [info]scarlettina.)

Culturomics And The Google Book ProjectThe digitisation of over 5 million books has created a huge dataset of cultural interest. Now researchers are beginning to tease it apart using powerful number-crunching techniques.

Aardman's upcoming pirate movieAardman Animation, the makers of Wallace and Gromit, is putting the finishing touches on The Pirates! Band of Misfits, which may be the most technically ambitious stop-frame animated film yet.

The Book of Human Languages — Ta-Nehisi Coates on bilingualism.

The 5 Craziest War Stories (All Happened on the Same Ship) — (Via [info]danjite.)

Hell off Earth: Blustery Exoplanet Charted in 2-D for First TimeAstronomers have made a crude two-dimensional thermal map of an extrasolar world they cannot yet see, confirming that violent winds rapidly whip around the planet.

An Astronaut's Cravings: Horseradish and Tabasco Sauce — Interesting stuff here that might be useful for SF writers. I like the bit about the biscotti.

High-precision weigh-in for W boson means fewer hiding places for Higgs

Single molecule's electric charges seen in first image

Unlimited human eggs 'potential' for fertility treatment

Climate Reality, a poignant and important PSA about climate [change] denial in schools.

Frank Rich on Media Bias — The "liberal media" meme has been one the GOP's most successful Big Lies in their decades-long attack on American culture and society.

The Difference between Romney and Obama (Picture) — This one pretty much says it all. Hey, I wonder if any FOX News viewers saw this? You know Your Liberal media is.

Ghastly Outdated Party — Welcome to Republican America.

Rick Santorum's Despicable And Hurtful Health Care Lie — I know. A Republican lying. It's like rain falling in Oregon or something. Who could possibly anticipate such a thing? (Via David Goldman.)

?otd: Can you stand to hear him sing? Do you love the way he talks?

Writing time yesterday: 4.75 hours (Sunspin revisions)
Body movement: 60 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 6.25 (fitful)
Weight: 235.4
Currently reading: 1491 by Charles C. Mann

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