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[personal] Remembering Mark Bourne with a smile

[info]e_bourne on the passing of her husband [info]markbourne.

Last night I was asked to deliver the eulogy at his funeral later this week. I wept when [info]scarlettina told me this. I'd like some help, though.

If you knew Mark, or ever spent some time with him, you are aware he was a very funny a man. Not so much a jokester or a punster, but more a wit. Imagine Steve Buscemi playing Alan Rickman playing Oscar Wilde. [info]e_bourne has asked that we remember him with the same humor he displayed in life. To that end, I'm collecting funny stories about Mark to use in my eulogy. Things he said or did, or how he helped you laugh.

Feel free to leave them here in comments, even if you've already done so elsewhere. Thank you.

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