Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
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[writing|cancer] Staring up at the mountains of madness

I spent some more time yesterday working on the book proposal for Going to Extremes. I had to write the initial draft of the summary, make some other edits, do some cancer statistics research, and begin dropping text into the first chapter for the proposal's sample chapter.

My experience of working on this Monday was almost joyful, where I had expected it to be stressful. My experience of working on this yesterday was almost stressful, where I had wondered if I might find more joy. Such a roller coaster, much like life itself, and especially cancer.

In a sense, much of this book is already written. My blogging trail on this topic is a deep reservoir of experience, emotion and first hand information I am already drawing on. Now I am finding the echoes of old pain and loss, past and current fears, everything.

Which of course is a large part of what this book is talking about. I'm in some danger of spiraling down my own navel on this one, I'm afraid, but I'm confident I'll stay on track.

Still, it's a pretty big challenge. And tackling the topic of death so soon after Mark Bourne's funeral seems odd. Like it or not, this is my life.

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