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[personal] Mild illness and anxiety dreams

Ever since coming back from Rainforest Writers Village, I've been experiencing intermittent mild joint pain and excessive (but not overwhelming) fatigue. That's part of why I fell off the wagon on walking in the morning, though I have stuck to the stationary bike in keeping my basic body movement up. I've just needed to sleep a lot more than ought to be normal for me right now.

I thought this was me having overdone it over the weekend, but yesterday on the group mailing list it came out that a bunch of folks who were there had developed a full range of symptoms up to and including full on flu. As I had a flu shot last fall, it's quite possible I also got the flu but have been fighting it relatively easily. At any rate, it's good to have some explanation for my mild symptoms since returning.

Last night I had a classic anxiety dream. This was so mundane I hesitate to report the thing here, except that I find it amusing. I was living in the back room of a hip warehouse office in the imaginary downtown of some imaginary city that was a subconscious stand-in for Portland. Dad came by to see me, and I wanted to go back to his place to have lunch with him and Mom. I kept worrying about where all my cars were. I couldn't quite remember how many I had and where they were all parked. So instead we walked to the elevated train, except as we were mounting the steps to the station, I suddenly realized I was naked and they wouldn't let me onto the train that way. Dad handed me a towel, but it wasn't enough.

Exciting being me, ain't it?

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