Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[process] Teach the children well

Today is my first of three (or possibly four) guest teaching appearances in [info]the_child's eighth grade classroom. The theme of my multiple dates there is creative writing in a commercial career. I'll be talking a bit about my own career as an example, walking them through the building blocks the writing and submission process as practiced by professional writers (or at least by me), and taking them through a writing assignment for flash fiction which I'll then use their stories to edit a sample anthology.

It ought to be fun. I love doing this, especially for kids. And it's especially neat to be doing this for my own daughter's class. (Also, if you're in Portland or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest and want me to do this for your child's classroom, let me know. We may be able to work something out.)

Tags: child, process, writing

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