Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|writing] Busy day, busy week

I never did get any work done on Going to Extremes yesterday. I had a rush request for a short piece of nonfiction for which I had to knock out a first draft after Day Jobbery, then a solid block of time for a media interview (about which more later, in due time), then dinner with a friend, then home to help [info]the_child with her homework.

Today is going to be pretty darned busy as well, including seeing [info]lizzyshannon as well as dinner with another friend. I do expect to have time for Going to Extremes. Once I'm done with the first draft of this, I'll get back to the outline of Little Dog, for which [info]bravado111 has sent me comments. Plus more Day Jobbery as the week goes by, and off to Austin on Saturday for a trade show.


Tags: books, child, extremes, friends, little dog, personal, texas, travel, writing

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