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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2012-03-14 05:27
Subject: [links] Link salad in another dimension, with voyeuristic intention
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Tags:cancer, cool, culture, funny, healthcare, links, nature, personal, politics, religion, science, sports, tech, videos
Google to Announce Venture With Belgian Museum — Oooh, an analog search engine. This is cool. Reminds me of the paper-based relational databases described in Eugene Sue's The Wandering Jew (published in 1844/1845). (Via my Dad.)

Exposure to D. & D. early in life? — Hahahahahah. A handy infographic. No, I don't recognize myself on there. Not anywhere. Why do you ask? No, not me. Nuh uh.

The lifespan of a falsehood — Fascinating. (Via Steve Buchheit.)

Pediatricians get more firm when parents refuse vaccines — Hell, yes. Willful ignorance is willful ignorance. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

New type of extra-chromosomal DNA discovered — This apparently has implications for both cancer and autism.

Fugates of Kentucky: Skin Bluer than Lake Louise — Are they Melungeons? (Via my Dad.)

Most Detailed View Yet of the Apollo 11 Moonwalks: Big Pic — Not that this will faze the moon landing denialists in the slightest.

Exotic Antimatter Caught in Disappearing Act — So, why don't "exotic matter" and "exotic dancer" have parallel meanings?

3D-nanoprinting speed record set by Vienna University — (Via David Goldman)

Busy Nest Box — Chris Johnson's high tech owl nesting box is back in business for the season.

Mysterious hog farm explosions stump scientists — How can you not love a headline like this?

Social networking sites and politics Liberals are the most likely to have taken each of these steps to block, unfriend, or hide. In all, 28% of liberals have blocked, unfriended, or hidden someone on SNS because of one of these reasons, compared with 16% of conservatives and 14% of moderates. Not quite the result I would have expected. (Via [info]ericjamesstone.)

PMO Scientists Pest ControlDon't let scientists wreak havoc with your agenda. Hahahah. (Thanks to [info]threeoutside.)

The Hypocrite in Everyone Else — We're all hypocrites. It's human nature. It's the hypocrisy in those who claim moral superiority, and profit from those claims, that truly rankles.

How the NBA Takes Money From People Who Don’t Like Basketball — This story certainly plays into my confirmation biases.

Goldman Sachs director in London quits 'toxic' bankA manager at US banking giant Goldman Sachs in London has quit, saying he could no longer work there "in good conscience". Goldman Sachs would be part of that Wall Street establishment that Kenyan Muslim Socialist Obama has worked to protected above all other players in our economy. Tell me again why this has been a national priority?

Santorum, Gingrich Decry ‘Anti-Christian Bigotry’ In Run-Up To AL, MS — Um, I'm pretty sure it's the Christians who are doing most of the persecuting in this country. A lot more abortion clinics get shot up and bombed than churches do. And, well, teh gay!

Reid Dares GOP: Block Judicial Nominees, And You Will Also Stall The JOBS Act — You know, that whole advise and consent thing. If Democrats in the Senate had treated Bush this way, the howls would still be echoing. When Republican do it to Obama, well, that's just good patriotism.

Tilting at Dutch windmillsFrom [Santorum press secretary] Stewart's perspective, Santorum being "a strong pro-life person" apparently gives him license to make up nonsense about the Netherlands. Republicans: The party of simply making shit up to confuse the voters.

?otd: Well secluded, do you see all?

Writing time yesterday: 3.5 hours (2.25 hours on nonfiction first draft unrelated to Extremes; 1.25 hours of WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.75 (solid)
Weight: 237.0
Currently reading: Blood of Orange by Lizzy Shannon; Requiem by Ken Scholes

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Erik Amundsen
User: cucumberseed
Date: 2012-03-14 14:27 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
2) Short Fiction Writer. D:

6) Oh, potentially very userful to me in a project. Blue people...

12) As one of those liberals who gleefully unfriends people over politics once a certain threshold is reached, it's not all conservatives I drop off my lists, it's the ones who don't make arguments, only repeat the same talking point with more abusive language, respond to links to Snopes with physical threats, and generally make trolls of themselves that I block. The notion that since liberality in politics is supposed to tolerate everything with no boundaries at all, no stopping points, it's pervasive, but to hell with it. I mean, what sort of discussion can you have with a birther? (On the other hand, what sort of dicussion can you have with an anti-vaxxer or a 9/11 Truther, either? Most of those are ours, and I ban them too.)
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User: jetse
Date: 2012-03-14 16:15 (UTC)
Subject: Tilting at Dutch Windmills
My mother (who, like me, is Dutch) of 75 years old recently had successful cataract surgery. In the hospital they didn't kill her, but -- uhm -- really helped her.

What utter nonsense from Santorum: I hope my mother lives quite a few more years (hopefully mostly in good health), and about the last thing I'm afraid of is her being involuntarily euthanized.

I guess that's our punishment for (take a pick):

A) Our liberal soft drugs laws (which are getting less liberal by the day);

B) Our being the first country to officially grant same sex marriage;

C) Our total abolishment of the death penalty;

D) Our temerity to host the International Court of Justice (of which the US considers itself exempt, see the "Hague Invasion Act)";
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User: kshandra
Date: 2012-03-14 18:19 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
AOTD: Not through that mascara, I don't.
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