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[writing] Productivity are us

I managed to knock out about three and a half hours of writing time yesterday. This in addition to Day Jobbery, lunch with my mother, dinner with H—, and helping [info]the_child with her homework.

The funny part about [info]the_child's homework was that she was working on the assignment I'd given her class. This is a flash fiction due tomorrow, when I return for my second guest teaching slot. A quirky dynamic was in play. (As I said privately to her mother, "Is this cheating?") The story is really quite good, and I'll probably post it here soon if she gives me permission.

On my own front, I got a (nearly) full draft of the Going to Extremes proposal into la agente. What I sent her was a bit more rough than my book proposals usually are, but book length nonfiction is new to me, so I wanted her feedback before I invested a bunch more time in it. I also reviewed [info]bravado111's annotations to the Little Dog proposal, which I'll be further revising next, probably this afternoon after Day Jobbery. In addition to that, I did some leg work for the recent Oregonian interview, completed an online interview, revised and sent out that rush nonfiction assignment, and updated my marketing/productivity spreadsheet. Also finished reading [info]lizzyshannon's screenplay Blood of Orange and started the next portion of [info]kenscholes's novel-in-progress Requiem.

Today, Little Dog, unless life interferes or Fred calls a rest day.

Can haz busy nao?

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