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[travel] Back in the Lone Star state

Yesterday I flew back to Austin. I slept a bunch on the first leg of the flight, but still managed to knock out worthwhile time on the Little Dog synopsis, plus catch up on my homework for teaching [info]the_child's class. After I arrived yesterday, @dratz and Mrs. @dratz drove me out to Driftwood, TX and the mighty Salt Lick BBQ. Pretty much my favorite bbq anywhere, ever. But my gosh, how the place has changed. It used to be pretty much a summer camp dining hall out in the woods of the Hill Country. Now it's... huge...

But the food. Mmm mmm. If you're an unreconstructed carnivore, this place is heaven.


This morning I got up early (imagine that) and walked for an hour. The @dratz and Mrs. @dratzs live a few blocks from the house I owned when I lived here, so this is familiar territory. I walked down to the University of Texas campus and back. That would be my alma mater. While I had a pretty good time in college, I don't tend to be afflicted with nostalgia for those days. Still, being on campus brought back a lot of memories. And I do miss Austin, a lot. I love Portland so much that the missing isn't bitter, but maybe it's a bit bittersweet.

Going to work on Little Dog for a while commencing shortly here. Breakfast this morning, probably at Waterloo Ice House, then I'm off to the trade show at noon. (I'm here for Day Jobbery.) Watch this space for confirming announcements about Tuesday's open dinner.

It's good to be back in Texas.

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