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[personal] Walking and writing and working in Austin

Still in Austin. Spent part of yesterday working at Day Jobbery (a very rare weekend commitment), then with friends, then at dinner at the Hyde Park Bar and Grill. Mmm, one of my favorite restaurants. I used to live four blocks from there. Also got some more work done on Little Dog, as well as some critique for the Norwescon writers' workshop forthcoming.

Walked this morning in downtown Austin, from my hotel by the Convention Center west on Sixth Street to well past Z Tejas and back. Along the way I passed the Hoffbrau House, Hut's, Katz's, Frank and Angie's, Amy's... I realized that my mental map of my old home town seems to be highly food oriented. I could spend a couple of weeks eating my way across Austin.

Today's lunch break I'm hoping to catch with a friend, and I'm going to hit Chuy's Hula Hut this evening. Mmm mmm. Should be able to get some editing time on Little Dog today as well. Tomorrow is iffier because apparently I am committed for 12 hours of Day Jobbery. That means even if I can squeeze out the time, I likely won't have the energy. Plus tomorrow is the open dinner.

Back to Portland on Wednesday, to see [info]the_child give her presentation on her eight grade project.

See some, all or none of you around the River City here.

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