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[links] Link salad is back where it belongs

The auction for Mark's bench starts today — Go check it out and support a terrific goal.

Interview: Jay Lake — Adam Israel of the Inkpunks interviews me about submission practices.

“Keep Working” — Writer wisdom for the ages. (Via Myke Cole.)

Fact and fiction — Tom Tomorrow on how stories are framed.

How ‘Hunger Games’ Built Up Must-See Fever — Interesting piece on the subtleties of movie marketing.

Mercury Surprises: Tiny Planet Has Strange Innards and Active Past — Much like myself.

Revision to temperature measurements doesn’t change global warming — Because self-correction is what science does. Ideology doesn't have self-correction mechanisms, and ideology based on willful ignorance can't even encompass the possibility of self-correction mechanisms. I know which I trust.

Not just the weather: climate change acceptance nosedives with the economy — Effects like this baffle me.

Komen race donation drop in S. Ariz. is called 'crisis' — It's a damned shame that the quite appropriate tarnishing of the Komen brand for playing typical conservative anti-woman games has such a direct effect on the women and the cause Komen was purporting to serve. I won't ever be donating to a Komen event again, but I will continue to support women's issues in general and breast cancer research in particular. (Via [info]shsilver.)

Paula Smith, the purveyor of the offensive "Don't re-nig" bumper sticker, insisted to Forbes's Roger Friedman that it's not racist — Both a racist idiot and a liar, apparently. Are you proud of your Republican party? (Snurched from [info]kradical.)

Forced castrations reportedly found in Roman Catholic care — This would the same Catholic Church that Santorum takes his moral compass from.

In U.S., a growing unease at mixing politics with prayer — Honestly, this shocks me. I thought conservatives had won this culture war so thoroughly that most people no longer even recognized it as a destructive issue.

Romney's big day marred by Etch A Sketch remark

'I'm completely shocked': Tea Party Marine who 'said he wouldn't follow orders from Obama' faces charges — Right. Shocked. Idiot or poser?

?otd: Home or away?

Writing time yesterday: 4.75 hours (1.5 hours on a short story of 2,900 words, 3.25 hours on Little Dog)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bicycle ride
Hours slept: 6.25 (solid)
Weight: 240.2
Currently reading: Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch

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