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[personal|travel] Home from Texas

I got home from Texas yesterday afternoon. Managed to jam in some good work on the Little Dog synopsis, including an audio readthrough. Also wrote a requested short called "The Cancer Catechism". I may have overshot the mark a bit on that one, it's a lot more intense than the market might be wanting. I guess I'll find out when I send it in.

Yesterday when I posted about Tuesday's open dinner, as my cousin N— reminded me, I totally forgot to talk about the funniest part. Shortly after we'd been seated, and a while before our party filled the table, people started coming up to us and asking if we were atheists. This happened three or four times in the space of fifteen minutes. We were absolutely baffled as to what was going on. It was hilarious.

Turns out the Atheist Meetup was happening that night at Threadgill's, and we'd accidentally been given their usual table. The hostess had confused us with that group — I can't imagine why.

Little Dog is now off for some expert reading on gender issues in the book. "The Cancer Catechism" is now off to my usual gang of first readers. And, erm, there's this radio interview today.

What, me, busy?

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