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[child] The eighth grade project presentations

Last night, Mother of the Child and I went to the eighth grade project presentations. [info]tillyjane was there as well, along with Mom and Dad, [info]mlerules, and [info]maryrobinette, who had been [info]the_child's mentor on her project of building a marionette.

[info]the_child went first by her own request. She wanted to be done to get past her nerves. She did brilliantly. All eighteen kids in the class presented, projects ranging from training pack goats to working in recreational therapy for medically fragile children. It was a pretty amazing list of accomplishments. Though I'm pretty sure any of the kids would have said giving their presentation was the hardest part.

I'm terribly proud of [info]the_child, and of all her classmates. Today is my third and last round of guest teaching with the eighth grade, and I will be sure to tell them that.


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