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[personal|photos] Mark Bourne's Celebration of Life

Yesterday, [info]the_child and I drove to Seattle and attended Mark Bourne's Celebration of Life along with [info]bravado111. It was a party, someone called it MarkCon, where many of his friends, mostly from the genre world, got together and remembered him. People talked about their memories of Mark, [info]scarlettina read one of his stories, several folks sang, and to cap it off we watched Mark's favorite scene from Duck Soupimdb ]. [info]e_bourne was gracious and hostly, as was their son Austin.

[info]the_child took a few photos while we were there, and had me snap a few more...

[info]the_child and Janna Silverstein

Eve Gordon and Harold Gross

Mari McKenna

[info]the_child, Tami Vining and Shannon Page

[info]the_child and Shelly Rae Clift

[info]the_child, Miki Garrison and Lindsey Johnson

Me and Janet Freeeman-Dailey

[info]the_child and Jack William Bell

John Pitts his own self

As usual, more at the Flickr set.

Photos © 2012 B. Lake and Joseph E. Lake, Jr.

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