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[movies] The Hunger Games

Last night, I took [info]the_child to see The Hunger Gamesimdb ]. Though I was up too late, I was being a good Dad — she recently read the book, and so was primed for the film. And now she'll be part of the conversation this morning at school, where all the girls in the eighth grade class will have seen it over the weekend, as well as most of the boys.

I liked this film a lot. It was tough and brutal, appropriate to the story concept. Emotionally well wrought. The herky jerky camera style bothered me at first, but then I settled in to the look of the film and stopped noticing it. The writer in me really wanted to understand the backstory &mndash; how did society get herez? — but those questions were never answered in the film. Taking the story as it was on the surface worked very well for me. And [info]the_child loved it.

So did a lot of other people. The movie's opening weekend grossed $214 million worldwide. Nearly record-breaking, as I understand things. Contrast to the lackluster performance of John Carterimdb ], which I liked as much for different reasons. The Hunger Games had a much better script and far more realized characters, but they were both a lot of fun.

And boy was my daughter pleased.

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