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[links] Link salad's bread and water's going cold

Mountains of books become mountains — (Snurched from Myke Cole.)

New Google tool lets you PROBE YOURSELF — There have always been tools for- Oh, wait. Never mind. An alternate view on this.

Experimental antibody drug stalls 7 kinds of cancer, study shows

Space exploration and the culture of innovation: an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos aims to bring up Apollo 11's sunken engines

Researcher publishes specs for real Linux-powered Star Trek tricorder — Captain, my tricorder appears to be wearing a red hat.

Satellite-jamming becoming a big problem in the Middle East and North Africa — Talk about your modern problems.

Born in the Gulag: Why a North Korean Boy Sent His Own Mother to Her Death

Parsing the Pill's impact on women's wage — Interesting. (Via [info]danjite.)

We have universal healthcare — by default — Some sanity on the healthcare "debate". It isn't really much of a debate, of course, when one side's talking points are mostly counterfactual.

Justices don’t understand insurance, health care, economics … — This is depressing. It's been obvious at least since Bush v. Gore that the conservative wing of the Supreme Court is nakedly partisan at the expense of both law and justice, but now they're not even pretending to impartiality of any sort.

How Much of the Health-Care Law Will the Justices Leave Intact?Wednesday's argument over how to split up the health-care law may give some of its supporters hope -- but not much. Because the same conservatives who want the government to come between women and their doctors don't want the government to come between themselves and their doctors. Or something. Intellectual consistency isn't exactly a cardinal virtue on the American right.

The Case for Gay Acceptance in the Catholic ChurchThe death penalty no longer applies to people who divorce or sleep with women during their periods, as described in the Bible. So why can't attitudes on homosexuality change as well? In two words: conservative bigotry.

?otd: Is your hair is too short and neat?

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