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dumb all over. a little ugly on the side. [info]matociquala is wise about how one treats oneself.

Cancer diagnosis raises risk of heart attack and suicide, study saysWithin the first week of being diagnosed with cancer, patients were 12.6 times more likely to commit suicide and 5.6 times more likely to die of a heart attack.

Just One More Game ...Angry Birds, Farmville and Other Hyperaddictive ‘Stupid Games’ Once reason I gave up computer and console gaming back around 1998 is that I am very susceptible to game addiction. I didn't want to spend my life staring at a screen. (Says the guy who writes obsessively…)

Celebrating Oregon's beloved elephant: 50 years of Packy (Photo Essay)

Woolly mammoth carcass may have been cut into by humans

Shake It Off: Earth's Wobble May Have Ended Ice Age — Which suggests a certain grandiose technique for dealing with the current climate change crisis we're having over here in reality-land, does it not?

Press Freedom Index 2011/2012 — The U.S. is number 47. Whoo! (Via [info]danjite.)

Opinion: The Risk of Forgoing VaccinesHerd immunity, or the protection of individuals who are not vaccinated due to generally high vaccination rates within a population, does not currently exist in many pockets of the US. Yes, anti-science idiocy isn't confined to conservative America. It is, however, considerably less privileged outside of conservative America. (i.e., Democrats don't troll for votes by valorizing the idiocies of the left, unlike Republicans and the idiocies of the Right.)

Acknowledging Climate Change Doesn’t Make You A LiberalA Message From A Republican Meteorologist On Climate Change. No, it just means you live in the real world. (Snurched from @gregvaneekhout.)

Looking Ahead, Republicans Examine Options in Health Care Fight — What do you know? The GOP never had a plan, except "kill Kenyan Muslim socialism!"

Romney Accuses Obama of Hiding Agenda — Why? Because the accusation plays well with anti-reality conservatives. Kenyan Muslim socialism is subtle, y'all.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Mormonism off limits — Right, because Obama is that anti-religious Kenyan Muslim atheist who, um. No, I got nothing.

Republican Judge Flips Out at ObamaSuppose George W. Bush had managed to pass his plan to privatize Social Security, and liberals ginned up a legal challenge that everybody dismissed but gradually made its way to the Supreme Court and got a respectful hearing from a Supreme Court controlled by five Democratic-appointed justices. I suspect conservatives would be a tad upset. The mistake is assuming intellectual consistency on the part of conservatives.

Calling Radicalism by Its NamePresident Obama’s fruitless three-year search for compromise with the Republicans ended in a thunderclap of a speech on Tuesday, as he denounced the party and its presidential candidates for cruelty and extremism. As I've said a number of times, the conservative worldview is a failure of both empathy and imagination. Obama said it better.

Words that blow your legs off — On language and political discourse. This is why you mostly don't see me jumping all over politicians for slips of the tongue or even open mic errors. Statements in writing, or contextualized in prepared speeches, are certainly fair game.

Why Conservative GOP Voters Aren’t Giving Up on Rick SantorumThe more the Republican establishment pushes Mitt Romney, the more alienated the religious right becomes. Why the party’s hard-core base isn’t coming around. And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of small minded, anti-reality bigots.

Does The Romney-Santorum Contest Matter? — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on the last men standing the GOP field. I loved this line: The most meaningful difference between them is that one is an ideologue and the other is a liar. More Republicans seem to prefer the liar.

?otd: Did you just turn your back and walk?

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