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[conventions] Norwescon Day Two

Yesterday was busier than Thursday, unsurprisingly. I took it easy and gave myself rest breaks, but still crapped out by 11 pm. I had two panels, "Breaking In" and "Discover Your Inner Idea Mill", both of which were quite well attended. I also caught [info]lizzyshannon on paneling, as well as her reading. Otherwise time was spent hanging out with friends, cruising the dealer room and whatnot. And resting.

I certainly don't have the stamina I used to, before chemotherapy. Even just a few years ago I could burn through a convention on five hours sleep per night, and just rally every day with few breaks. Now, bouncing around this hard spikes my sleep needs up, and the rest breaks in my room have become a lot more important.

Annoyingly, I have six hours of programming today in an eight hour stretch. Which is about like to kill me. It's a systemic problem with Norwescon scheduling — from a guest liaison/programming point of view, I only have three panels. But I also have the mass autographing session, and the two-hour time block for the writers' workshop. Each of which is scheduled in a separate process. That all adds up. And I didn't even get all the scheduling at one time in a holistic overview, so I didn't put it all together in time to gracefully refuse some of the commitments.

Because of all this, I'll be at the DAW party this evening, but I don't know for how long.

See some, all or none of you around the convention.

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