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[links] Link salad would be a poor man, a beggarman, a thief

A Highly Intelligent Woman Speaks Out — Speaking as the father to a very bright daughter, this is thought provoking.

Richard Land only Represents Richard LandHe doesn’t represent Southern Baptists (no one person does) and he certainly doesn’t represent me. Actually, sir, as a senior official and spokesperson for the Southern Baptist Convention, Richard Land most certainly does represent Southern Baptists, including you. You own his racism and arrogance because you support the organization that has put him out front. Conservatives and Evangelicals of all stripes have tacitly supported this kind of extremism for decades in pursuit of votes and perceived social gain. Feeling some regret now? Welcome to the world you helped create.

The secret conspiracy plotting against religious freedom gets wider — More bizarre conservative fixations.

Gingrich charges Fox News with pro-Romney bias — Hahaha. Imagine that. Fox News, biased. Also, water is wet. Hey, Newt, I don't hear you complaining when Fox's bias helps you. More of that justly famed conservative principled consistency. (Thanks to [info]shsilver.)

?otd: Who would steal the candy from a laughing baby's mouth if he could take it from the money man?

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