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[links] Link salad waits for the drums to stop beating

Review of Die Räder der Welt — At Phantasick-News, a German site. (Thanks to Marcel Bülles, my German translator.)

The Rejection Generator ProjectThe Rejection Generator rejects writers before an editor looks at a submission. Inspired by psychological research showing that after people experience pain they are less afraid of it in the future, The Rejection Generator helps writers take the pain out of rejection.

Mark Bourne Clarion West Scholarship Fund — A memorial for our dear friend. Check it out, and contribute if you can.

A View Inside the Sausage GrinderScrivener's Error with more detailed legal neepery on the new ebook pricing lawsuit.

How My Aunt Marge Ended Up in the Deep Freeze . . . — Weird, weird piece.

Greenland ice sheet may be sliding away due to surface lake melt — Just a hypothesis so far (tip for denialists: what you like to confuse with "theory"), but more evidence of the inherent bias of reality in favor of a reality-based worldview. Weird, huh?

Roger Ailes: Soledad O'Brien Was 'Named After A Prison' — Ah, how I love the measured, thoughtful and rational tone of conservative discourse.

“Pro-Life” Community Very Upset More Women Will Not Be Collateral Damage in Their Religious Jihad Against AbortionIf they are so convinced they are right on the issue, why must they LIE about EVERYTHING? I would ask that of conservatives in general, and religious conservatives in particular.

If Romney Loses, the Republican Desire to Win the Presidency Will Trump All Other Considerations in 2016 — If Romney wins, it will be America turning a blind eye to the utter disaster that was the last period of Republican rule.

Mitt Romney thinks his wife lacks "dignity"? Mitt Romney said this past January that he thinks stay at home moms taking care of small children are lacking in dignity since they're not working real jobs. But Hilary Rosen!

Romney’s Live Mic MomentBut what stands out to me most is [Romney's] explicit statement of what seems to be his campaign strategy — remaining as vague as possible about what policies he’ll actually pursue. “I’m going to take a lot of departments in Washington, and agencies, and combine them. Some eliminate, but I’m probably not going to lay out just exactly which ones are going to go.” That's because to get specific will alienate lot of voters. Nobody, not even Republicans, likes conservative policies when applied to them personally. Punishing the "other" is terrific GOP politics, but the reality is that even "real Americans" will get scorched of any of this ever turns out to be true.

Romney's remarks on limiting tax deductions draw fire — Once again, conservative "ideas" aren't popular when applied to conservatives personally. Removing the home mortgage interest deduction doesn't punish liberal sluts or little brown people or the greedy poor, it punishes "real Americans", and that will never fly with the GOP base. Republican voters like to imagine the cruelties behind which they rally will never apply to them. (See "the only moral abortion is my own" phenomenon for another glaring example of this deep hypocrisy inherent in the Right's worldview.)

?otd: Got rhythm? Got music?

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